Partner to Empower:

Scaling Ventures, Together

Trihill Capital is an investment firm focusing on early to growth-stage ventures in Southeast Asia and public equities globally.

Our Philosophy

As your steadfast partner from seed to enterprise, we are here to amplify disruptive ideas and harness market potential alongside you.


Visionary Approach

We see beyond the present to anticipate the future, identifying opportunities that others may overlook.


Global Perspective

While rooted in South-East Asia, we have a global outlook, fostering connections and insights that span borders.


Strategic Partnerships

We don’t just invest; we collaborate. Our extensive network of partners, mentors, and industry experts is your invaluable resource.


Building Bridges

We thrive on building bridges between visionary entrepreneurs and strategic partners. We actively collaborate to strengthen the region’s startup ecosystem and create lasting impact.


Commitment to Impact

We measure success not just in financial terms but also in the positive impact our portfolio companies create in the world.

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Join us in a pursuit where ambitions are celebrated, boldness is a virtue, and standards are challenged.